Why I Decided to Go Natural!

Well before I decided to go natural I obviously had to have a perm. I got my first perm EVER my sophomore in high school. I never really wanted a perm but my hair dresser and my mom kinda made me so yea that was that.  At first it was fun having straight hair like everyone and not having con-rows anymore. When i got my perm my hair was pretty long too about just my shoulders.But it wasn’t all fun and games. The times i did to the hair salon my hair stylist told me my hair was dry and to add moisture my hair. So i went to beauty supply store near by and not knowing anything and getting little help from the people that worked for the store I bought some oils. And they worked from keeping my hair dry so that was good. But something still wasn’t right. As time went on and funds got tighter I was not able to get perms and doobies as I was suppose to. So then my hair was not properly taking care of and it started to break. One side broke off so bad that i had to cut the one side of my hair to an uneven cut thing. (which was not cool lol) But I started to see growth so i was happy with the way things were going. Then I got  a weave the same length as my real hair and went on vacation until i saw my friend. This friend who always wore weaves. And she told me that she wore the weaves for about six months and her hair was growing and it looked good. Soooo I thought I can do that too  just wear weaves for a while and make sure i take care of my hair. So i decided to do this, I cut my hair completely even and got a weave. I was only one weave into the master plan and my hair broke off EXTREMELY bad. And when I say extremely, yall it was bad. When i took my weave out there was not much perm. By this time I was in college and i could not walk around my campus looking ratchet so i got my friend to do a blow out. That was the FIRST AND LAST time I will EVER do that again. The pain was unreal but anyway my hair was just about under my ears. Then i got braids for like a like a month and a half and during this time I cut off the very little perm i had left (around June 2, 2012).  And on June 24, 2012 I debuted my first twist-out on my twa!!


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